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Arriving by time machine from the psychedelic era Maple Mars landed on the Los Angeles pop scene with a multi-colored bang! Fronted by singer-songwriter Rick Hromadka, their psychedelic pop/rock debut album "Welcome To Maple Mars" (Permanent Press Recordings) was recorded in guitarist Steve Bern's apartment. Industry mags such as Billboard, Album Network, Mojo, Hits Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly; as well as online publications touted the album as one of the best indie pop-rock records of that year. As their journey progressed, Maple Mars recorded three more albums echoing the likes of Pink Floyd, The Who, The Move, and the Beatles. Their fourth album, Galaxyland (2010), received college/internet radio play, and garnered accolades like, “Galaxyland is a psychedelic masterpiece and may be their most acclaimed album yet." - Twirl Radio


Producer/guitarist Steve Berns, drummer Ron Pak (Double Naught Spies), bassist Joe Giddings (Theme Music, Ruby Free), and Rick Hromadka (Double Naught Spies, Ruby Free), are the travelers who take their influences to new territories on their latest LP Someone’s Got To Listen - due out on Big Stir Records in 2022. 


Rick Hromadka, is also a three-time Emmy Award winning sound designer who began penning songs for TV teen shows like Breaker High, Sweet Valley High, and the Power Rangers; also getting a track on the Power Rangers movie Turbo. Maple Mars’ music has also been featured in TV shows like ER, Third Watch, Felicity, and Friday Night Lights. 


The band has appeared on a variety of pop compilations from countries like Sweden, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, which has brought the band an international attention. Maple Mars has toured both coasts of the US and in Europe. 

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