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The Someone's Got To Listen Tour coming to the Northeast US this May! Tour dates TBA!

Someone's Got
To Listen
record release party!
July 30th, 2022


Mad Wasp Radio

DJ Mike - Woody Radio

SHMU - Brutha Voodoo

WUDR - Dr. J

WNUR 89.3 - DJ Gil

KKFI 90.1- John Todd


Deep Nuggets - Keith Mathern

WSPJ - 103.3 - Rich Firestone

Walrus & Carpenter Show UK

Neighborhood Weekly - Alan Hall

Weathered Music

WITR 89.7 - Jeff

There Once Was A Note - Mike DeAngelis

Cobwebs and Strange UK

Pump Up That Volume

Friday Night Music Party 

Ear Candy Radio

Roys Groove Machine UK

KWVA - Steve Conte

WHUS 91.7 - Johnny Timewarp

KDHX (#1 Maple Mars) - DJ Jeff

Novum FM - Alice Peters-Burns

WTSR 91.3 - Anthony's Awesome Garage

ConRadio (Album of the week!) - Conrad Callan

John Talk Radio - John Darlington

WFMU - Pseu Braun


WFMO - Chris Major 

Radio Caroline UK

Indie Pop Takeout - Chip Saam

CamGlen Radio Scotland - Ros Barclay

The Music Authority - Jim Prell

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